The Constructal Law is proposed as a first principle of all design, and of the evolution of both animate and inanimate things. Shape and structure in nature are in a constant process of evolution to facilitate flow, allowing more current to move faster and farther per unit of energy consumed. A corollary that undergirds all of our designs is the search to achieve a maximum of energy efficiency using a minimum of materials—in manufacturing, in transportation, in every interaction with our environment.

Constructal design occurs at every scale, and all parts work together in a process of continuous evolution. Each component of an evolving system moves towards this greater efficiency, and these  elements coalesce into larger and larger structures, so that finally everything flows more easily.

The Constructal Law is dynamic, not static, and underpins the evolution of design in all the parts of a system together.

What We Do:  We deliver best-in-class system-of-systems engineering and technology integration services, leveraging a broad spectrum of  cutting-edge and recently de-classified technologies for applications in aerospace, transportation, communications, surveillance, environmental monitoring, and the emerging area of “Natural Security”.

Our Background: ACI builds upon a combined 100 year foundation of delivery excellence for US and International governments, private business, institutions, and NGOs. We help solve complex challenges through proven, validated design and engineering processes, supported by world class technical, strategic, and policy leadership.

​Our Philosophy: We search constantly for new applications of our basic principle, which is that innovative design, bold thinking and advanced materials can lead to extraordinary gains in the efficiency of transportation, energy generation, and the  sustainability of life. Most often, these gains can be found hidden within the structures of nature, ranging from the forces and processes of enormous tides, to the architecture and organization of the microscopic.