Dr. Loginn Kapitan has 30 years experience in the aerospace industry and serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Applied Constructal Inc. focusing on solution sets for customers in Aviation, Automation, Energy, and Security Market Sectors including “Natural Security” initiatives.

In 2013 through 2014, he served as the Engineering Director at LTA Corporation and helped found LTA Aerostructures Inc. (Montreal) where he served as Vice President Engineering executing the research and development programs supporting the company’s commercial airship product line.  Prior to transitioning to his Technical Advisor role, Dr. Kapitan directed and managed the activities within the LTA Aerostructures engineering team as well as external support activities with NASA through a Space Act Agreement and the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR). 

Since 2011, Dr. Kapitan also serves as Chief Technology Officer at Unmanned Systems International Corporation where he oversees a portfolio programs including the unmanned airship program for the United Arab Emirates Air Force and LTA/Aerostat based programs for the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority as well as various drone and aerostat applications. 

Prior to this, Dr. Kapitan was a Vice President and Division Manager at Science Applications International Corporation heading an Aviation focused Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Special Projects Division.  Dr. Kapitan architected ground-breaking sensor applications for the USAF and USSOCOM Predator Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and executed system integration and engineering efforts that included Radar, Lidar, SIGINT, ELINT, Full Motion Video, Wide Area Imagery, and Hyperspectral sensor applications on both manned and unmanned platforms as well as a wide range of ground based remote and contact sensor systems. Additionally at SAIC, Dr. Kapitan was also the single Corporate Officer responsible for the FAA Type Certified SKYBUS 138S airship. For the 138S, Dr. Kapitan managed the development of a pilot-optional variant; the design of a glass cockpit; a new envelope certification program with the FAA, and all export commodity classification determinations with the US Department of Commerce. Dr. Kapitan also headed the reengineering of the SKYBUS 30K and development of the SKYBUS 80K unmanned airships that were the first and second unmanned airships experimentally certified by the FAA and flown in the United States domestic airspace. 

Dr. Kapitan received his Bachelors of Science in Aeronautics, Astronautics and Avionics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his Masters of Science in Systems Management from the University of Southern California, and his Doctorate of Science in Systems Engineering from the George Washington University. 

Dr. Loginn Kapitan

​Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer