Mr. Dixon has worked in both North America and Europe as an entrepreneur, executive, and consultant for companies in a wide range “renewable” and “sustainable” technologies, including the “Smart Grid”, electric mobility, aerospace, and distributed generation technologies such as marine turbines and “waste heat”. These activities now include bringing high-tech and energy-saving solutions to ecological and environmental problems. 

He worked closely with such entities as GridPoint, Inc. (USA) of which he was one of the first shareholders, and the Smart Cities group within the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which developed a range of folding electric vehicles for deployment in “CityBike” type systems in congested urban centers.

Mr. Dixon has had extensive experience in Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union, (especially Russia and Central Asia), having spent the first ten years of his professional life in these regions. He worked for amongst others Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs) as a specialist on Central Asia, the KPMG Barents Group as a Senior Consultant on Defense Conversion in Central Europe, and as Manager for Central Europe and the FSU at Newbridge Networks (now a part of Alcatel), before moving into the renewable energy sector in 2003.

As a long-time student  of climate change, he has also worked as a consultant to develop an innovative new form of carbon finance.

Mr. Dixon serves on the Board of The Livestock Conservancy (USA) which is dedicated to preserving the genetic diversity of rare and endangered breeds of livestock. 

Mr. Dixon studied at Harvard (BA 1983), Oxford (M.Phil 1988) and Leningrad State University (1986) in the Former USSR.

Adam P. Dixon

​Co-Founder and President