Engineering & Software integration:

–Development of ‘conops’-concept of operations with customer input
–Mission refinement & requirements definition
–Develop of solution architecture for conops planning
–Systems design
–Engineering, testing, implementation and integration:

          a.  System-of-systems delivery
          b. Ongoing maintenance
          c. Operations support
          d. Training

Management consulting and logistics:

-Strategic Planning
-Logistics and organizational support 
-Financial reviews and cost modeling to support design and engineering & program execution activities i.e.: implementation, maintenance and ongoing operations
-Sourcing for funding for concept of operations planning and program execution

Engagement model:

-Service offerings  procured as modular components or end-to-end for complete program execution; 

-We can engage at various levels of the program life-cycle: formation, presales, turnaround-execution, program extension, preparation of modifications

We work with customers who ‘see things differently’ to achieve unique results.

References and detailed descriptions of our projects are available upon request.