David J. Prum

​Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Development

Since 2007, Mr. Prum has managed the private portfolio of a large HNW (High Net Worth) client with global interests in areas ranging from aerospace and logistics to agriculture and water-treatment. He has a wide range of entrepreneurial experience in both North America and Europe. 

Mr. Prum co-founded LTA Aerostructures in 2014, to develop heavy lift cargo airships for the Canadian north.  His interest in cargo airships has led him, and his Applied Constructal partners, to the concept of combining airships, aerostats and advanced surveillance technologies for environmental monitoring, fisheries protection, and related areas of “natural security”. 

Mr. Prum also serves as a Director for Bio-Organic Catalyst, a provider of advanced water and soil treatments for the remediation of depleted agricultural soils and contaminated water.

Mr. Prum’s early career was spent in the fields of security, forensics and investigation, for which he founded Thorndike Investigations of Cambridge, MA.  

Mr. Prum is a 1982 graduate of Harvard College.